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The Key to Trading Success According to Kathleen Brooks

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:12 pm
by doaausef3li
The Key to Trading Success According to Kathleen Brooks

Speaking from personal experience, Kathleen Brooks admitted that her transition to retail trading was welcomed by various obstacles. "When you start your career as an analyst at the institutional level, with a background of knowledge dominated by fundamentals, you will be alienated and considered outdated," he admitted.
Determined to prove himself, Kathleen Brooks then went into technical analysis, intermarket understanding, and complex technical-based strategies. Not in vain, his new expertise in these domains was able to complement the fundamental knowledge he had previously had. That experience then formed Kathleen Brooks's perception.
"Many traders become pure adherents of fundamental or technical flows, but I will not. I would rather take the best of both," said Kathleen Brooks. Reflecting on this principle, this forex woman character has an analysis philosophy as follows:التداول بالعملات الاجنبية forex
"Fundamentals determine medium-term trends, while technical directs short-term trends. For forex traders, short-term movements are a place to look for profit opportunities, while long-term outlook can be the basis for placing sentiment."افضل شركات التداول فى البورصة
Although taking technical account into account, valuable experience at the institutional and retail level ultimately leads this forex female figure to one conclusion: economic news and important fundamental events are the main drivers of the market. According to him, the ability to respond to forex news releases is the most important key if a forex trader wants to achieve success, even though he is a true technicalist.