XenonZcar.com S30 Reference

This page exists as a repository for items you may need to consult from time to time, such as identification guides, diagrams, etc. There is also a project in the works to make the S30 fiche easier to navigate and find what you're looking for. You'll need an unzipping utility, such as WinRar for any Zip files, and Adobe Acrobat Reader for any PDF files.

The FSM manuals will not Unzip with WinZip. The compression format that is used with these files is not compatable and you will get an Error saying the file is corupt. Please download and use WinRAR.

Factory Service Manuals

S30 Easy to read Microfiche

A quick and easy to navigate parts lookup tool

Click here for the index of the S30 Parts Fiche

Owners Manuals

Here you will find the owners manuals for the S30

Nissan E-FAST and FAST software

The Nissan E-FAST and FAST software will help you find parts and part numbers for all Datsun/Nissan vehicles made from 1964 to 2003.

Note: (E-FAST is not a stand allow catalog, so it requires installation of the FAST catalog to open and operate)

Both systems allow you to view illustrations and create parts lists that can be printed and/or saved.

Other Guides

Below are some other guides and manuals that may come in handy.