XenonZcar.com - Z31 1984-1986 Tail Lamp Bar Illumination Modification

Illuminating your 300ZX panel is a simple and inexpensive modification you can do the make your Z stand out. The following is a write up that was done some time ago.

Items Needed

  • Tools to remove the rear panel (Screwdrivers etc)
  • 300mm Cold Cathode Fluro kit (Jaycar Electronics)
  • Sheet Aluminum or Steel (Thin)
  • Glue and / or screws
  • Can of Night Shades or similar spray on tinting
  • fluorescent Light cover

How To Modify

  1. Remove the Rear trim and undo the 4 screws holding the rear panel on.
  2. Unplug the number plate lights and remove the panel
  3. Remove the backing from the red plastic section (This is the hardest part as you have to do this without breaking anything. I used a screw driver to pry the two pieces apart)
  4. Now you will need to cut away some of the backing so that you will be able to see the 300zx writing (You will be cutting away the 2 inner screws so don't worry, this is normal)
  5. Now you will need to trim the backing so that the fluro light will fit (This is just trial and error until you get it right)
  6. Now you need to sand the back on the lettering of the 300zx panel. If you don't do this no light will get through
  7. Once you have done this you will need to tint the back of the lettering so that they still look black during the day
  8. You can now put the two pieces back together.
  9. You now need to cut the fluro cover and make it fit in between the panel and the fluro (This will even out the light)

  10. Now you need to secure the light onto the panel. (This can be done in many different ways, I glued some of the aluminum on the backing and then screwed the light to the aluminum. Probably could have just glued the light in place.)
  11. Be Very Careful with the light they break very easily (As I found out)
  12. If you do break it, your only option is to buy a new one.
  13. Now you need to make a backing out of the aluminum so that the light can reflect off of it and give a cleaner look.

  14. Screw or glue this panel into place.
  15. Wire the new fluro into the existing number plate light wiring. (I would recommend putting a plug in so that it can be easily removed)

  16. Screw the panel back on and replace the rear trim inside the car and you are done.

Sources used on this page:

  • Writen by: Darren Kemp