Z31 Ztek Door Lense Install and Modification

When I got my Ztek door lenses I did not care for the look of the material that was used for the red lense. What it was made of was lighting gel used in stage lights. It is a long lasting quallity material but I wanted the stock lense to fit behind it. Here is the process I used to get this to work.

Tools Needed

  • Belt sander
  • Phillips Screwdriver


  1. Remove the two screws from the door lenses
  2. Take the stock lenses and match it up to the ZTek lenses. You will notice the lenses is too large to fit into the Ztek cover.
  3. Mark the Stock lenses with a marker for trimming.
  4. Gently sand/grind the edge of the stock lenses to your mark and test fit the lenses to the cover.

  5. Once the stock lenses fits into the Ztek cover remove the lighting gel from the Ztek lens by pulling it out. (you may have to use a flat head screwdriver to chip the dry glue from the lens)

  6. Reassemble using the longer screws supplied with the Ztek lenses.