Z31 Recovering your steering wheel

Tools needed:

  • X-acto knife
  • curved sewing needle(s)
  • 0.5 to 1 yard leather, pleather, or vinyl rated for outdoor use
  • high temperature spray adhesive
  • sewing machine capable of sewing through vinyl/pleather/leather
  • upholstery thread, your choice of color (recommended)
  • embroidery floss, your choice of the same or contrasting colors
  • material scissors
  • steering wheel puller
  • 19mm deep socket and compatible ratchet
  • steering wheel for recovering
  • washable marker for tracing pattern
  • seamstress' tape measure
  • straight pins
  1. Remove your steering wheel from vehicle, see this tutorial: (link). If you're covering a spare wheel, this step is not necessary.
  2. Carefully cut the row of existing stitches around wheel with your X-acto knife to remove cover
  3. Stretch old cover off of the wheel carefully
  4. Clean the steering wheel with a solvent to remove any existing glue residue
  5. Split the wheel cover into 2 sections at the seam by cutting the thread
  6. Spread the removed cover and flatten, either between heavy books or using a steam iron on low heat
  7. Place your flattened cover on the backside of your new material, backing side up on both pieces
  8. Trace cover out, add ΒΌ" length to each spoke area for neat tucking later
  9. Cut out your cover carefully
  10. Place both front sides of your new wheel cover together and sew with upholstery thread
  11. Use a French seam for nice, neat edges. Check this tutorial:
  12. Stretch your newly sewn cover over your wheel, being careful not to tear it
  13. Spray spoke area of wheel and fabric with glue, allow to tack 2 minutes and press firmly to adhere
  14. Repeat this process on each spoke
  15. Using your curved needle and either more upholstery thread, or embroidery floss if you can't find thread in your desired color, start at the end of one spoke and sew through your fabric. Tie a knot, sew around the wheel in either a crosshatch or half crosshatch pattern, depending on your preferences. Tie off your thread at the end of each segment, then repeat on each segment in turn.
  16. Reinstall your steering wheel and enjoy.

Sources used on this page:

  • Written by: Joseph "XenonXIII" Melnick