1988 300zx Shiro Special

In Janurary of 1988 Nissan Held "A White Sale." As part of that sales promotion, Nissan issued a special Limited Edition of the 300ZX Turbo - Called the Shiro Special Edition 300ZX Turbo. Refered to as the SS Edition, this car was painted in a special Pearl White paint #234 (Shiro means White in Japanese).

The SS is the rarest Nissan made Special Edition Z with only 1002 units exported to the United States. 75 SS models were exported to Canada and each of these models carries a badge with the edition number. Compare this to the 84 Anniversary Edition production of 5148 for the US or the 1980 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition production of 3000. I am currently researching the production numbers of the 2005 350z 35th Anniversary Edition But as of now it looks that 678 of them were sold in the US.

The Special Shiro Edition had the following as standard equipment and No options:

  • 1002 made between 1/88 and 3/88
  • VG30ET engine - 205 HP
  • 5spd. Overdrive Manual Transmission (no auto available)
  • Viscous LSD with 3.700:1 ratio
  • Two-seater
  • T-tops
  • Black interior
  • Cloth Recaro seats (Click for Picture)
  • Unique Cloth inserts to match the Recardo Seats
  • Exclusive for 1988 3 stage Pearl White paint
  • Exclusive white 16" wheels
  • Exclusive "European" air dam, (This was offered in the Euro Market on turbo models from 1987 up to 1989)
  • Analog, white digit dash, Amber lighting
  • Non-adjustable suspension
  • Thicker Sway Bars (26mm thick anti-sway bars in the front and 25mm thick anti-sway bars in the rear)
  • Higher rate springs (207lb per inch Front and 224lb per inch Rear)
  • Manual climate controls
  • About 125lbs. weigh savings over standard Turbo model

Identifying as true SS

How do you tell you have a true SS edition? You can read the model plate that is located on the driver's strut tower. All SS models have the trim designation of "SS" encoded in the model information. The SS models all will read as follows:
  • KHLZ31STNC - Canadian
  • KHLZ31STUC - Federal
  • KHLZ31STVC - California