The 1990-1999 Nissan Fairlady Z Z32

In 1989 Nissan replaced the Z31 chassis with the Z32. Production of the naturally aspirated versions began in the Spring, followed by the twin-turbo in the Fall. The Z32 was also titled 300ZX because engine displacement remained unchanged. However, since the engine had dual overhead cams, the engine code was revised to VG30DE. The twin-turbo model had the VG30DETT engine.

Style and Evolution

The Z32 chassis would likewise undergo several changes throughout its production run between 1989 and 2000. Among the milestone safety additions are the inclusion of standard driver and passenger-side airbags and true pillar-mount seat belts. The Z32's extended model year sales in 1990 reached 39,290 units.

Z32 Basics

Here you will find the most basic of Z32 information

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Common Issues
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