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There are some mistakes in the video as you will see. 280Zx 10AE were not turbo, the Z31 bagging was the same on all z31 models AE or not.

In 1984 Nissan Motors produced 75,351 of its all new 300ZX for the United States market. Of these Z cars 5,148 limited-edition 300ZX Turbos were badged to honor Nissan's 50th Anniversary. An additional 300 vehicles were destined for the Canadian market. This Z came with no options except for a choice of transmission 4 speed automatic transmission or the FS5R90A 5-speed manual. The cost of this special Z car was $26,000.

The AE drivetrain and standard features were the same as the standard 84 turbo but the package included many extras. This consisted of two-tone Paint codes #210 Light Pewter Metallic over #505 Thunder Black paint for paint code #365, ground effects, rocker-panel appliqués, fender flares and turbo-finned 16" wheels (same as the 86 turbo wheels but with the inlays painted gold) with Pirelli P7 tires. Stiffer springs by 10% along with a stiffer recalibration of the adjustable shocks were said to have improved high speed stability.

Interior features included black leather upholstery with special gold-embossed AE emblems and full digital electronic instrument display. The AM/FM 80-watt, 8 speaker stereo with steering wheel control also featured a Bodysonic sound system. Just turn the knob and the seats vibrate to the beat of the stereo.

gold-embossed AE emblem

Digital Dash

Steering Wheel Controls : By AZ-Zbum

Body Sonic Unit in Seat

A car cover, floor mats and a gold key with the 50th logo also were standard features.

50th AE Cover

Floor Mats

Golden Keys and other AE Items from Purchase

Exterior features included a T-Bar roof with mirror-glazed panels and bronze tinted windows. Triple gold pin striping along with gold turbo graphics and AE fender emblems top off this unique 300ZX Turbo package.

Note the rear Fender Flares. Only the AE had this to match the flared front fenders. Under the Flare is the standard fender lip

Power was supplied by the same Turbocharged 3.0-liter (SOHC) 60-degree v6 offered in the 1984 300zx turbo. This generated 200 HP @ 5200 rpm and 227 ft. lbs of torque @ 3600 rpm. The gear box is a 5-speed overdrive manual (4-speed automatic optional) and the final drive ratio is 3.545 This power plant was able to produce 0-60 in the low 7 second range and 1/4 mile times and speeds at 15.4 sec. @ 88 mph. Top speed is limited to 137 mph. Speeds in the 140+ mph range could be reached with the limiter disconnected.

Identifying authenticity

Since many Datsun/Nissan dealerships in 1984 attached AE badges (which were found in the glove box of most non anniversary edition 1984 models) to non-AE 300ZX's. These Z's were sold as, and to this day are being passed off as AE's. If your Z does not have the color scheme and features mentioned here you do not have an 50th AE. Now even if your car does have these features, you can tell for sure by checking the Model plate on driver's strut tower.

Look at line that contains MODEL information. On this line you should see "L5". If the line doesn't have "L5" in it, the car is not a true 50th Anniversary Edition.

There are only 6 possible combination of letters for this line for the North American 50th AEs. They are as follows:


If it isn't one of these numbers, it isn't a North American AE. The "N" is for Canadian models. The "V" is for Californian models. The "U" is for the other United States models. The "A" is for automatics.

USDM Production numbers

According to the Nissan FAST software, there were 5,148 50th AE's designated for US sales. See AZ-Zbum's 50th AE registry. There are approximately 300 models that were also bound for Canada. This would bring the total North American market 50th AEs to 5,448.

Out of the US bound 5,148 50th AE's they brake down as follows.

Emissions / Transmission


Current market values of the Z31 Models are on the rise though not at the level as the S30 (240Z Model). Clean Examples of the 1984 300zx 50th AE cars are selling between $8000-$10000 and Mint examples for slightly more. Below I have Complied a listing of some that have sold recently
















Please Note: These prices are actual prices of cars sold and not current cars that are for sale. Value is based on many factors. As stated Values as of 11/2019 are on the rise.

Other Resources

Factory Service Manual Supplements

Owners Manual

Other Markets

In Australia, the 50th AE was also offered with the same silver over black with gold pinstripe like the American version but was offered in only a 2+2 non-turbo version. It had the rear spoiler with digital dash and cloth seats.

It had the 50th AE badge on the car but it is located just behind the drivers door on the pillar.