Z31 Voice Warning System

The Nissan voice warning system also known as (Bitching Betty) was found in the 1984-1986 Nissan 300ZX cars. It only came in the 84-86 GL and GLL models. Canadian SF models and 87-89 Z31s did not have the voice warning system. It works by stopping the signals going to the front left speaker(s) and replacing it with a signal of its own. Even without a stereo in the car, the voice warning would still work if the speaker is still there and hooked up to the stock wiring. The voice warning unit is located above and behind the ECU in the passenger kick panel. It is hidden by a piece of insulation.

The voice warning system has five (5) different messages. They are as follows:


Reason For Warning

Left door is open

This message will play when you are moving more than 3mph and the left door is open.

This message will also play when the trunk lock sensor has come loose or fallen off (see below)

Right door is open

This message will play when you are moving more than 3mph and the right door is open.

Lights are on

This message will play when the car is off, the marker lights are on, and the left door is open.

Fuel level is low

This message is played if the low fuel light has been on for about 30 seconds. It is repeated two or three times and then no longer sounds until the car has been restarted or the light has been off for more than a few seconds.

Parking brake is on

This message will play if the parking brake has been pulled up enough to turn on the instrument cluster warning light and the car is moving more than a few miles per hour. This message will continue to play until the parking brake has been pushed all the way down and the light has turned off. It will not play if the warning light comes on because of low brake fluid in the master cylinder.

Common Repairs

The only real problem that people run into with this system is when she says the left door is open and it clearly is not. First, ensure the left door light is not on. Ensure none of the dome or floor lights are on.

  1. Remove spare tire cover via the two plastic screws.
  2. Remove tail light cover via the four plastic retainers (1/4 turn each).
  3. Look for the lock cylinder sensor. (see fig.1)
  4. Reattach it to the lock cylinder. (see fig.2)
  5. If the warning system still won't be quiet, unplug the unit to test.(see fig.3)

Note: If you unplug the sensor, your factory alarm will no longer function correctly.,

Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3