Z31 Crank Angle Sensor

The Crank angle sensor is a basic signal sensor for the entire ECCS. It monitors engine speed and piston position, and sends signals to the ECCS control unit for control of fuel injection, ignition timing, idle speed, fuel pump orptation and E.G.R operation.

The Crank angle sensor has a rotor plate and a wave form circuit. The rotor plate has 360 slits for 1° signal (engine speed signal) and (6)six slits for 120° signal (crank angle signal). Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D) and Photo Diodes are built into a wave forming circuit.

When the signal plate passes the space between the L.E.D and Photo Diode, the slit of the signal rotoe plate alternately cuts the light, which is sent to the Photo Diode from the L.E.D. This causes an alternative voltage and it is then converted into an on-off pulse by the wave forming circuit, It is then sent to the control unit via the Green with yellow trace wire to pin 8 on the ECCS.

Sensor Pinout

Below you will see the pinout of the Crank Angle Sensor


The ECCS of the Z31 will Flash Trouble Codes via the two LED lamps on the side of the ECCS unit. A chart of these codes can be found on the ECU page.

A Code of 11 Will Display if a fault of the Crank Angle Sensor Circuit is found. To test the circuit start by disconnecting the 4 pin crank angle sensor connector at the sensor.

Measure Resistance to ground on Pin #4. It should measure 0 ohm. If not you have a bad ground in the circuit. Fix or replace Harness

Setp 2 in the process requires you to use your meter to check voltage on Pin 1 of the connector. See below for the Results.

The next Item to Check if these first two do not show fault, Is to disconnect the 20 pin connector on the ECCS unit and test for resistance between Pins 8 and 17 to check for broken insulation in the harness.

Lastly add a jumpper wire to Pins 2 and 3 of the Crank Angle Sensor Plug and test for continuity on Pins 8 and 17 on the 20 pin connector at the ECCS unit. You should have 0 resistance in the circuit.

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